Moonton is back with Mobile Legends Adventure, a sequel to its RPG game. Over the past months, this mobile title is trending for its unique gameplay, where you have to focus on team building and equipping the heroes with the right gear. Needless to mention, virtual currency plays an important role.

Diamonds are the premium currency that can be acquired in many ways. On the other hand, battle points also have great importance that shouldn’t be ignored. Having enough currencies can help players to get more heroes and make upgrades with ease. Learn all the effective methods to acquire in-game currencies and then implement them to load your game account with unlimited diamonds and battle points.

Ways to earn diamonds!

At the initial stages of the game, it is not easy to acquire enough diamonds and other currencies, but later, you can find the right solution. Many achievements and quests are out there that players can complete to gain diamonds.

  • Quests – When you access the quests tab, then you can find two tabs – daily and weekly. Come back every day to check these quests and then try to accomplish them. With the help of these quests, players will get not only the diamonds but also some other rewards. The quests are time-sensitive; that’s why you need to check them on a daily basis.
  • Achievements – Achievements are not similar to quests because these are not restricted by time. The achievements can be completed in an organic manner by the players to collect rewards. Achievements also come with many rewards, including diamonds and battle points. Completing achievements become necessary for players to collect required in-game currencies.

Try to pay appropriate attention to the quests and achievements available with amazing rewards. Complete them properly and grab the amazing rewards in the form of diamonds and battle points.

Pay attention to farming

Farming is an important aspect in Mobile Legends Adventure hack that helps players to earn battle points and diamonds. Many other in-game resources can be earned with the help of farming. First of all, try to know about farming and then take your steps forward. Well, farming is the type of process in which you need to do some tasks repeatedly to earn currencies. You can also term it grinding, which is really beneficial in acquiring diamonds and other currencies. Know about the different methods to farm for currencies and resources and then follow them.

Complete Labyrinth

It is advised to complete the labyrinth to collect in-game currencies, including diamonds. Here, you may face various obstacles, but you should play smartly. All you need to do is to tap on the blocks to gain diamonds or other rewards. Do it every day because it is the right source to gain lots of items and other loot, which you can use later to improve your heroes.

Players can collect diamonds and battles in many other ways, and they should always remind them. In this way, they can implement the right methods to gain lots of diamonds and battle points.