A role-playing game is based around simulation, priorities, making right moves and keep on coming with new tactics. Mobile Legends Adventure hack gamers are putting extra efforts on team building and earning the genuine amount of virtual currency. However, there is difference in just playing vs the strategic gameplay.

So, you should learn the three things and keep them as your priority to make faster progression to play like a competitive avid gamer.

  1. Campaign Stages

The first priority of every Mobile Legends: Adventure gamer should be campaign stages. While playing in campaign mode, your experience will enhance and it will let you earn battle points. Both are necessary to boost your level, and collecting dimes.

The MOBA battles are pretty much everything and everywhere because who doesn’t love 5 vs. 5 MOBA matches. Still, they can’t let you take big steps. Playing both the modes will show you the best results. Due to this, you must put this mode into your priority.

  1. Idle Rewards and Being Patient

Needless to mention, this mobile title isn’t the usual “Idle” game. Having several modes puts an extra pressure on you because you need to earn battle points by playing the campaign mode, multiplayer matches, and more.

While grinding over the campaign mode, you will notice after a particular stage that same stage keeps on repeating. When you complete it perfectly, you earn Squad EXP and Hero EXP along with few battle points. The amount of resources keeps on increasing every minute.

When you complete all, you go after the aforementioned reward. This time, you can expect hero fragments along with some advance essence to progress at a faster rate. This let you load essence but it isn’t the best method for sure.

  1. Tower of Bable

Once you get to this stage, you have the option to take chance in tower of Bable. Yet, the game is all about teamplay but it become bit ironic. The biblical structure fails here as every gamer is speaking different language and strategy stop working.

Well, it works like this and you start from initial level to move higher with such style. You need to put a team of five heroes to climb and defeat enemies for diamonds, battle points and other vital resources.

Advance essence is easy to gain when you send five heroes at same time and you put a strategy in same. The premises of tower of Bable is based on climbing up, fighting with enemy and bringing resources. You need to keep on climbing until you start earning great reward from this mode.


Setting parameters about premises of tower of Bable eventually boosts progression, help earning resources and enhancing the team work. Keep on climbing up even after reaching level 15 or 20 will boost the reward. Gamers can expect Squad EXP, Advance Essene, Hero EXP, Diamonds, and Battle point. It is possible by following all three tips and keeping them as priority.